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Artists & Works
To view artwork as well as the Artist's Statement, Bio and/or CV, click on their name link in the list below. Please call for the latest availability and pricing of their work.

We currently offer work by the following artists:


Bill Broder
Matt Bult
Ron Davis
Richard Diebenkorn
Linda Fong
Roy De Forest
April Hankins
Sona Holman
Roc Hopkins
Karl Kasten
William McElhiney
Larry Morace
Takeshi Nakayoshi
Manuel Neri
Nathan Oliveira
Mi Jung Penzien
John Smiddy
Gina Werfel
William Wiley
Paul Wonner



Jean Cherie
Natasha Dikareva
Feng Jin
Moto Ohtake

Wayne Fettig
John Fitzsimmons
Christopher O'Meally
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